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Different kid of boat... thinking about a "flats canoe" or similar.

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I have been fishing from a Native Ultimate for several years. I use a 14.5 convertible in single mode for me, or double when I take one my kids out. I think we're starting to outgrow this craft. I'm thinking about an American Eagle (14' square stern) or a Gheenoe (15'4). I'd like a setup with oar locks and the option of motor for certain locations. Does anyone have any experience with either of these crafts or similar? Any comments or sage advice to add?


  • Austins26Austins26 Posts: 1,989 Captain
    Yes I've owned 10-12 Gheenoe's over (only 2 brand New) One was a Custom Gheenoe LT25 (with a yami 25hp 2 stroke). I've paid between $300.-- an is much as 7.5k for a Custom model All Gheenoe's are great boats. But aren't rougher water boats. the 13 footers, 15'4", 15'6" Classic are wet rides if powered by an outboard. The Custom Gheenoe LT models are extremely dry rides very capable boats (albeit clammer water boats) Intercoastal, Mangrove, clam flats, Back country, dock type fishing.

    outboard motor isn't needed with a gheenoe I've had 7 Noe's with just trolling motor... Hence the Phrase Running over fish to catch Fish
    Gheenoe's make great shallow water boats, or Bass Boats. Yes they'll manufacture you one to your specs. the sky's the limit. But in all honesty at some point your better off getting a Flats boat, for the price of a fully pimped Custom Gheenoe

    All that said Gheenoe's are the only boat I never lost money on when sold. great little simplistic boats I'm fan others will Chime in Search Gheenoe, Custom Gheenoe, Capt Shane has had quite a few search his post an videos.

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    Yeah I don't plan any rough water. I just want a boat that is manageable with paddle power (or oars) and still has a motor options. I'm not looking to sink $7k into this project... you are correct, I could just get a flats boat. I'm looking in the used market under $2k... hopefully well under $2k. Do you think you could make the run out of Flamingo to Middle Cape in the 15'4 with 5hp?
  • bobert421bobert421 Posts: 400 Deckhand
    Gheenoe's are great little boats. I grew fishing the back country and mangroves with my dad in one. It fished all the places our bigger boat couldn't go. Plus we could throw it on the roof of the truck and still tow the travel trailer with us on vacations. We could comfortably fish a couple of people. There were a couple of times we put the whole family (2 adults and 2 kids) in the boat plus the dog. Definitely not rough water boats, but they are fun none the less. The one we had when I was growing up had the oar locks on it. I could paddle it out as long as I stayed with view of the camp site. Lots of good memories in that boat. I was hoping my dad would give it to me, but he gave to my older brother who I don't think has ever used it.

    They also don't need large motors to power them around. When I got older my dad would put a trolling motor on the back for me to learn how to drive the boat with. Even with a strong head wind you can still make progress. That was a lesson I remember well. The wind kept pushing every direction except where I wanted to go until I figured out how to keep it directly into the wind and how to use the wind to push me where I wanted to go. Otherwise a 5-10hp motor will work just fine.
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