8/6/12, Ft. Pierce/St. Lucie to West End. Input from weather gurus?

Cajun MartyniCajun Martyni Posts: 57 Deckhand
Planning to go over for the week with my family. Of course (as seems to usually be the case, at least for me) about one week out the forecast materially changes almost every time I check it. I suppose that uncertainty about Invest 99L plays some (perhaps a large) role in that. I'm no weather guru, and I understand it's still a week out. But if anyone has, or gets, some better understanding about how things are looking for next week, I'd really appreciate your input. Subject to adjustments for weather we're currently planning to run the boat from St. Augustine to Ft. Pierce/St. Lucie on Sunday, 8/5, and cross on the morning of Monday, 8/6. Would also be happy to hook up (by radio, at least) with anyone else going then. Thanks.


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