Sanibel report 7/11-7/19

Easy fishing before and up to the full moon, it was slim pickings after. Before the moon change got spec trout 15-18 and spanish macks 18-22 daily off the beach, about 15-20 feet from the sand until 11AM, some snook but they wanted big greenbacks and small was mostly all I could net. Fished the pier in the evenings, Mangos 10.0001 to 12 inches, redfish 17ish (released) and big macks. Tried blind pass on the last good night, very fishy, lots of bait, more 17 inch redfish, snook and 12 inch mangos. Also kayaked fished off the B span got nice and tasty 26 inch red on cut pinfish and dink trout. Monday-wed the bite shut down, bait changed at the pier, saw one trout in 3 days, heard mangos were chewing before flipper showed up but only saw that one catch in about 6 hours of fishing on the pier. Wanted to try bling pass again but parking was impossible.

Best fish story, I was at the pier getting close to my limit on mangos ( out-fishing my teenage boys for the first time ever) and I saw this kid about 8 with a lost look and a birds-nest from he!!. I asked if his dad was there and a kid about 14 said he was with him. I offered to fix the nest and the kid handed me his reel. I told him to hold my reel that had a dying greenback on it. I cut about 100 feet of mono off and hear drag screaming. I look up and sure enough the kid's holding on and has that Oh Poop look on his face. He was surrounded by other anglers offering help but the kid pulled in a fat 22 inch mack by himself. His dad showed up shortly after that and we pulled the fish out of the cooler and they got lots of pics. Fishing gets easier when your kids grow up but some of the fun goes away.
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