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FPI Saturday 7/23 Mixed bag but didn't fill the box

Drove up to Ft. Pierce to fish with my buddy. Launched at Pearl at 7:45 didn't see Dave so we headed to 2 buoy. 30 minutes later had 25 horse greenies in the well. We made tracks northeast and it was pretty snotty. NOAH may have had it right when the others didn't. 2-3 and 3-4 at times at no more than 4-5 seconds. I looked up 1.6 feet at 9 seconds. Anyway we decided not to go past 80 feet. Threw a greenie and in 5 minutes a 30# cuda was peeling off the baitrunner. Saw a free jumping sail 100 yrds away and made tracks to it. Nothing chewing for another hour or so.

We made our way towards 10 to work the outside of the buoy and see if we could box some kings. 3 juvenile sharks made quick work of our greenies, then a 15# cow decides our bait looks good in 50 feet. My buddy fights her for 15 minutes or so and as I am going for the gaff she comes unglued 3 feet under the surface :huh we very rarely lose a phin boatside.

Next up a horse of a bonita, head was shaking like a king and ran my buddy around the boat 3 times. We had at least 5 baits get screamed only to click the drag and nothing sticking. I am going to try and set the strike drag a little lighter next time when fishing for kings, never had a problem before but again we don't get that many coming unglued.

3 for 3 small sharks in 40ft.
1 for 1 bonie
1 for 1 cuda
0 for 1 on dinner (phin)

We still bent some rods just didn't put any fish in the box. As far as I am concerned we were on the water and it is still better than being land locked. Tight Lines.


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