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In today's news.......

roto7777roto7777 Posts: 2,545 Captain
According to the left on the forum, here are the major news stories in case you missed it:

Rumor has it that someone may have told H. Ried that Romney didn't pay his taxes for 10 years
Romney is unpatriotic for not going to Olympics.
Romney went to Olympics, but he's a flip flopper for going.
Gays are planning a "kiss-in" Friday at Chic Fil A
Ann Romney get tax write offs

In REAL news:

The economy still sucks
We are still at war
gas prices are still double the price when O took office
Inner-city flash mobs are robbing stores blind
Unemployment is still high
Murders in Chicago are taking place at an alarming rate
We are continuing to add trillions to the debt for our kids and grandkids to try to pay back


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