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IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 338 Deckhand
Looking for first speargun. Store recommended a Rob Allen 110, about $300. They said it would shoot about 15ft and it came with the tether.

Really hard to part with much more than that but could hold off for something used.

Has a track, which they said was good.

Didn't have the loading but, not sure if that is bad.

Any thoughts?



  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 540 Officer
    i have a rob allen 130. it was my first gun and i absolutley love it. 110 is a good size its a little shorter so its good for poorer vis and around the reef but still long enough to make some long shots.
    mine shoots like a lazer all the way to the end of the line. one time i was gettin back in the boat so instead of unloading the bands myself i picked out a cuda that i thought was out of range and shot at him. he was just close enough that the tip of my shaft went in him but luckily not far enough for the flopper to open.
    lack of the loading butt is not a big deal. find some videos for the propper loading technique (called chest loading) on youtube and you will be good to go.

    shop around, i think you could prolly do better than $300. is a great resource for beginning spearos. use the search tool and you can find threads on anything.
    good luck with the search, but i would definitely get the Rob allen.

    what kind of diving you plannin on doin? scuba or freedive? where?
  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 338 Deckhand
    Scuba, Jupiter.

    Thanks, have you heard anything on the Mako, which I heard is a knock off?
  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 540 Officer
    i havnt heard anything bad about the mako company at all. my cousin has purchased some gear from there and the customer service was very good. i have heard that the owner has personally delivered rush orders to make sure they are recieved on time. and every one i have seen has been 100% satisfied with the guns they bought or if something was wrong it was taken care of immediately and with no trouble at all.

    most scuba guys prefer to freeshaft with american style guns like ocean rhino, sea hornet, or AB Biller. but thats not really a technique you should start out with until you are comfortable shooting. i prefer the euro style gun like the RA but i dont do a lot of scuba. like a said, is an amazing resouce and you can find any info you want on the subject.
  • TeanmTzHerTeanmTzHer Posts: 100 Officer
    The Mako's are good guns also. very reliable and they also have great customer service.
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  • On Island TimeOn Island Time Posts: 205 Officer
    I know this is an old post but felt compelled to reply. Hopefully you pulled the trigger on the Rob Allen. They are absolute work horses. Well worth the money. I've had mine for 5 years now and gotta say its unbelievable. Shoots straight and hasnt let me down yet. I got mine at Florida Freedivers in Lake Park. Great people and very knowledgeable about what they sell.

    Would like to know what you did?
    Capt. Steve Beare
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