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Cool New Fish Finder!

Not saying I'm rushing out to buy one but man... How cool is this idea? What will they think of next? Radar?



  • eddiejoeeddiejoe Posts: 602 Officer
    It is pretty neat, but generally useless (IMO) for average anglers around here that have a boat. Fixed fishfinder/plotters are so cheap already that you can afford to have one on almost any craft; a lot of guys have them mounted on kayaks, even. They are completely waterproof, the head unit is weather resistant, and they are proven performers.

    Using a smartphone or tablet to accomplish the same thing at a relatively high cost doesn't make much sense to me. The problem I have with seriously considering any app that runs on a tablet or a smartphone and is intended to be used in a water environment is that the devices (tablets, smartphones) are designed to be operated in dry, stable environments. The screens, the devices, everything is fairly sensitive and prone to break as it is. Yeah, you can get cases that will protect but then the cool operating features like touch operations, picks, and swiping with the fingers are generally lost or much more difficult to do.

    On a big cabin boat you could (and people already do) use laptops onboard but there it is dry and generally stable, not like on the top of my center console.

    Anyhow, it is cool, and many of the apps for phones or tablets are just the most fun. Thanks for showing it!

  • illinoisfishermanillinoisfisherman Posts: 5,312 Admiral
    2 things come to mind: It won't work offshore where there is no reception - I can see the sphere getting hung up in the rocks real quick and losing it.

    For smooth bottom lakes it is probably great!
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