Everglades on Fire

The fishing in The Everglades National Park has been absolutely amazing when the conditions are correct and sometimes even when they are not. The stars of the show remain the Snook and the action has been so consistent its hard to focus my efforts on anything else. These fish are in their summer spawning stages and need to be handled and released with extreme care during this extremely important time of the year for the population. The Snook have been very active on days that feature calm winds and clear skies and seem to key in on areas that have some cleaner water. Expect consistent action from the mangrove shorelines of Flamingo all the way up to Cape Sable and even up into the Shark River area. I recently read an article claiming their is a huge lack of smaller and larger breeder fish and for my region at least, that is simply not true. My guests have released Snook up to 25 pounds and as small as 18 inches and the size of the fish has varied on every catch. With that being said I am absolutely ecstatic that the FWC has kept the Snook season closed for another year on the west coast. This is going to allow this particular fishery the chance to rebound and possibly even become better than it was prior to the freeze of 2010. For those that enjoy the hunting game in the skinny waters their are endless opportunities on the shallow flats of Florida Bay. Most of my trips have been focused on the big Snook but after speaking with some local guides who primarily fish the skinny, the action has been incredible. Their have been some amazing catches of Redfish, Sea Trout and several respectable Snook have wandered up on the flats of First National bank and Snake Bight. Stealth is always key in this approach so always focus on being quiet and use weedless lures like The Johnson spoon and GULP! swim baits because the vegetation has been very thick. Sharks are everywhere in the park and can be caught on just about any kind of dead cut bait on the bottom. The fishing has been excellent and will continue to thrive throughout the summer months, if anyone is interested in learning the waters of Flamingo and Florida Bay or needs some information about booking trips please feel free to contact me @ [email protected].


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