Larger Bass eating smaller bass?

I was fishing in the lake i usually goto and always have good luck, and i get hooked up with a small bass and start reeling him in.
As im reeling a HUGE bass comes up from beneath and just swallows the little one, hook and all. As im reeling in trying to accomplish gettin
two bass on one hook. :) I pull him onto the bank and he spits the little bass and hook and flops back into the lake. Left me like :huh

Has anyone else seen or had this happen????? I usually fish saltwater but recently ive been hittin this lake when im not on the ocean.

Heres the scars the bigger bass left on the little one....



  • 1FSM1FSM Posts: 114 Officer
    Yes I've seen it happen too. My father was pulling in a small bass when a 10+ lb. bass took it in it's mouth.
    The big one released the small one when it got close to shore.
  • RemoteRedsTroutRemoteRedsTrout Posts: 408 Deckhand
    Haven't had this happen but have heard of it. Someone told me baby bass makes great bait, but it is illegal to use them as bait.
  • LeeHLeeH Posts: 121 Officer
    He was'nt trying to eat him, he was trying to help his lil buddy get away!
  • #1 DDH#1 DDH Posts: 111 Officer
    This has happened to me 4 different times. The end result has always been the same with the big one spitting out the small one.
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    I caught a rather large peacock when it ate about a 10" largemouth
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  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    This scenario has always been a fantasy of mine to the point that if I hook a sub 1lber, I'll let him swim around a bit in hopes that some big momma will see an easy meal.

    It hasn't happened yet.
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  • etommy28etommy28 Posts: 311 Deckhand
    I had is happen in the livewell once, that was odd, I went from having a limit to only 4. then i noticed one about 8 was suddenly about 9.5 and very fat.
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