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island hop 2012



  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    hey ted that stuff works great, i just sat the jar in the hut behind the boat and never felt a bug. might of had something to do with the 20 mph wind.
    left the dock late in the afternoon. never saw a fish. there was about 8 fish caught that i know of. some of rum some out deep of sandy pointe.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    we got wind here also.. strategic placement I guess is everything when your crazy..? :)
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    Thanks Ted that stuff really seems to work.
    Today the seas were big rollers to start with but when the chop
    Started to build on top of them the guest got green,
    By that time we had trolled to rum, picked up the lines and ran
    Back to behind San sal through em back in but not for long.
    There were only 2 blues today one from rum one of the north end of San sal.
    The wind seems to be letting up a bit, will try again in the am
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    here is some newer music for Out Islands.. goes with the wind and sea..


    Christine was asking me if I miss her when I am gone.. I told her between Blue Marlin and yellowtail she has a spot somewhere on the list.. :).. if she only knew..
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    mine is higher on the list than a grand slam. <3...
    the boss had to fly out early , life gets in the way some time.
    had 2nd chance fly in to help bring the boat home. today is packing and fluids and filtesr change.
    we did not have the greatest results with marlin this year due to sea conditions and green guests. but we crushed the yellowfins at will.
    headed out early in the am with a doz trainded gogs, and a box of hoos ready to play on the way back. will take our time and fish most of the way. plan on putting tony on a few sea monsters a long the way.
    wont have internet till chub will update as i can. should be a lot better going than coming
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    left san sal this am at 7 hung a left and went tuna fishing. put 1 gog in the water caught a 50+ yfin. put it the bag and took off for highborne cay. trolled some off the south side of cat to around the corner, never saw a fish. picked them up and ran chasing birds. found a few flocks but just picked up some full grown skippies.
    the weather was a little cloudy wich makes me nervous going from exuma sound to the west side of highborne. tied up next to some good friends (with margarita mix)
    dinner will be on the boat tonight. rib eyes and sushi and a tall blue cup.
    looks like we might have some weather coming up, plan is to make it to chub in the am. if i get stuck any place i would just as soon it be there. floating docks and a secure basin. makes for a happy me
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    storm is turning west towards La. Ray... ,, still crappy out front here though and thunderstorms.. ( you will miss the surge at san Sal..!?!) LOL
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    made it to chub today left highborne early. headed west towards andros, hung a right when we made deep water and looked for any thing to fish never saw any birds on the radar and the weed lines we came across seemed dead no bait of any kind under it. never saw any signs of life on the way to chub.
    what a change on chub there has been a lot of effort to make it feel more like it should and less like a construction zone.
    there has been 100`s of palms brought in and even more flowering bushes. noticed new blinds in the hotel rooms. what a great shower r\o water plenty hot and over your head. you taller folks know what i am talking about.
    had dinner at the club and as one would expect the food and service was wonderfull.
    now just sitting here and watching TWC trying to make a plan for getting home with out a butt kicking
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    I don't see any relief from the weather till at least Thursday with this thing.. crazy storm .. go catch me some snappers.. please.
    Chub... it's more than a rock! :)
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    still here watching it rain debbie blows,
    ted not sure about your snappers i will see what i can do.
    yesterday i saw some locals run a net across the channel and use a hooka to turn it into a purse seine. shot a bunch of video looking to send it to the proper authorities if they exist. any ideas?
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    ministry of fisheries nassau
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    well the sky is blue and the wind is coming down. looks like i can get out of here in the am.
    i have had a great time this trip met some great people, hung out with some old friends. caught some nice fish, ate like a prince, but i am ready to get back stateside to my wonderfull bride.
    when i get to some decent bandwith i will put up some videos of the trip
  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    well i made it back stateside. the ride back was great, swells with no chop. just enough cloud cover to keep the heat down. chased a few flocks of birds near isacc, notthing but small bfins and skippies. did run across a lost bouy about 15 miles west of isaccs covered with small schoolies and other life. did not fish it as it was getting to be late and i wanted to get to the barn.
    all in all a great trip back.
    just noticed this thread has had over 10k views. i will put up some more pics and video as time permits.
  • Blue ZoneBlue Zone Posts: 414 Officer
    Looking forward to the videos. Many thanks for taking us along on your adventure to San Sal. Too bad about the lousy weather. BTW, you get double points for gettin' er done on that classy gal!
  • MT PocketsMT Pockets Posts: 14 Greenhorn

    What a adventure. Thanks Ray for taking the time to post!
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Awesome read Ray!!! Thanks for sharing...not that i'm an old man or anything, but i'm 37 now with 3 kids and in my early 20's i ran a sporty for a family all through the islands. These kinda threads really take me back to all those special places and special things i got to see while traveling through what i consider some of the most beautiful islands in the world!!! Looking forward to the videos as well...
  • ProfessorOProfessorO Posts: 379 Deckhand
    Capt Ray, thanks for the fish. cheers, O
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