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armored catfish

Does anyone know how to catch these monsters. 1. they look kinda cool. 2. they're invasive and plowing through the cover on my lake. I'd like to think there was a hook/line method I could use since it's kinda deep for spearing and I'm not great with a net.


  • spadoc79spadoc79 Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    most are caught in cast nets
  • wushusmackdownwushusmackdown Posts: 166 Officer
    like i said. not great with a net. anything else I could do? strap a chunk of algae or catfish bait to a line maybe?
  • bass-busterbass-buster Posts: 14 Greenhorn
    they are taking over a golf course here in st.pete..i actually catch them by hand then release them again :banghead
    i need to start removing them i guess..they are burrowed in holes all along the bank...they are always laying head first into the hole with most of the tail exposed..here is a 2lb fish i saw just today..check the youtube video..shows me catching one by hand..

  • SnookmeisterSnookmeister Posts: 1,035 Officer
    Yea plectos are a pain in the ****. They are permanent residents. You can grab them by the tail, maybe use a snatch hook. depending on where you live maybe a .22 lol. I had always wanted to shoot them with a bow.
    Catch 'em and Release 'em!
  • RemoteRedsTroutRemoteRedsTrout Posts: 408 Deckhand
    I will not do this on any native species, but I snag hook those [email protected]$%#^@s all the time. I usually use a pretty small treble hook, pretty hard to cast it though i've used a small splitshot a foot up the line before also. They don't fight very good, but ive got a few over 5lbs biggest around 6 i believe, at that size its a pretty fun fight. i just cast over their back, slowly reel the hook up to their side (theyll sometimes spook), then when it stops set the hook....requires a stout hookset to get through the armor. be careful you probably know this but their dorsal and pectoral fins have spins that have a mild poison

    It seems they aren't as invasive as tilapia.........at least i hope so
  • wushusmackdownwushusmackdown Posts: 166 Officer
    did not know about the poison. crap this is gonna be a pain.
  • RemoteRedsTroutRemoteRedsTrout Posts: 408 Deckhand
    actually man id probably just catch them by hand then put a very small hook in their mouth that won't bend hahahahhahahha seriously though
  • 1FSM1FSM Posts: 114 Officer
    One about 4 lb. took my son's tiny hook with earth worm on it.
    He reeled it in easily.
    I hit his head with my pliers and then threw it back where turtles ate it.
  • remel1993remel1993 Posts: 536 Officer
    I hate these sunova B*TCHES!!! I get them 2 or 3 at a time with a cast net when trying to catch live bait. I hear they are invasive species, they are everywhere in the small canal near my house. I usually snag them with large treble hooks when I get bored. But I dont throw them back in the water, I leve them out on the grass where they can get a tan.
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