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crazy or not

I catch big bass in the lakes around my house. I want to try and use my kite fishing stuff for sailfish and try to catch a bass on it. I would use a big shiner or a bluegill. What do you think?


  • RemoteRedsTroutRemoteRedsTrout Posts: 408 Deckhand
    Very good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let us know how you do!! This time of year the bass hold really deep toward the middle of the lake/pond, ive been having my best luck casting as far as i can off a long dock lately (with live small bluegill) I'm not sure but I think they hold deep because the water is cooler there, the shallow water close to shore heats up faster, not to mention thermoclines? or something, bottom of the water column is coolest in the summer i believe, opposite in the winter?
  • Offshore9393Offshore9393 Posts: 469 Officer
    Thanks, hopefully the wind picks up a little this weekend so I can fly the kite. I will post back when I get out to try it.
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