Advice for Costa Rica- Tarpon Trip tackle questions

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Just signed on for a few days of tarpon and snook fishing at Rio Parismina Lodge on Caribbean coast in October. Anyone familiar with their "in house" rod/reel inventory - condition etc.
I fished at Zancudo Lodge on the Pacific side a few years back and found the equipment to be just "ok" but nothing failed on me so - no real problems. Any advice on bringing from home vs relying on the lodge?

I have a few questions on taking my own vs buying something new for the trip as well.

From the Lodge's description it sounds like they are using conventional reels for casting to Tarpon and suggest a Calcutta 700 TE. I have Torium 30's which I use for sailfish during the winter, would they be a reasonable alternative or should I just jump for a new Calcutta 700 TE (vs Penn 975) - what about a rod to match? suggestions would be welcome. On the river side, they are talking large snook, but tight quarters so if I brought from home - I have Shimano Sustain 4000's and Stradic 6000's which would probably handle it after an overhaul on drags and cleaning. Would they be appropriate?

Last question: does it make sense to just bring reels and tackle and rely on them to supply rods?

very excited about this and want to do it right - those tarpon pics have me jumpin out of my chair.

Thanks in advance. :fishing


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    Those lodges are well-established and unless they instruct you to bring tackle, their equipment should be ideal for the rivermouth fishing you'll be doing in October. There's not much casting for the tarpon--instead you'll be drifting with the tide, and either slow-jigging or simply allowing the plug or jig to wobble in the current with the moving boat. In other words, nothing fancy needed... We used Newell conventionals at Silver King a few years back, very durable reels. I'm also betting they prefer monofilament, which is (in my experience) better than braid for the lure fishing. If you really want to bring your own stuff, those Toriums oughtta be fine. Put 40-pound mono or 60-pound braid on them (your call) and call it good.

    Unless something has changed, I kind of doubt the "large snook" call... more likely they'll be 7-10 pounders. I would bring light stuff (12-pound gear) for the rivers, casting topwater prop baits, chuggers, and crankbaits for the snook, guapote and other critters.

    What you SHOULD ask them is about plugs and jigs for tarpon... and how many lures come with your charter. Sometimes you have to buy more lures at the lodge--and they can be quite expensive there. Rather than buying a new reel and toting around a bunch of rods, you might be better investing in lures. You're going to hook a ridiculous number of fish and many sharks, too.

    PS: If you get a calm day, definitely go offshore to troll for wahoo and tunas. Rapala CD Mag 18 or 22 in white mackerel or similar lipped diving plugs.

    You're going at a great time of year and I bet you'll have some great pictures and stories.. be sure to check in when you get back. I'd love to hear about the trip!
    Jeff Weakley
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    thanks for the advice, will probably get a bunch of lures and leave the Torium home - will take plenty of pics and post when I return.
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