Whistle Buoy 6/30

Copout and myself got the invite from Rafael (Alacrity) to do a little bottom fishing at the whistle buoy. Anticipation was high all week long as the three of us had not fished in almost a month. We got there pretty early but the flotilla was already working the area. We moved around a bit looking for the right spot and settled in about 75 ft of water. We had 2 cases of chum ready to go and a barrel with 2 defrosted cases, some fish oil and oats. It was a beautiful day and the current was moving north at a good clip. As much as we tried we were unable to get the Tails behind the boat. We think now we needed to chum even heavier to move those fish away from the othr boats. Next time I guess. Any way, a few nice muttons did cooperate and we went 0/2 on sails. Just had a flat line with a pilchard out but they kept getting caught in it :)


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