West End/Lucaya - Fishing Advice Needed

Blue DevilBlue Devil Posts: 10 Greenhorn
I am planning on making my first trip over to either the West End or Lucaya area next week. We will definitely be trying to find the YFT, but plan to spend some time fishing for yellowtail and trying to spear some hogs. I'm not looking for any secret numbers, but does anyone have some advice if we are better off staying at West End or Lucaya for that type of fishing and the general areas for where we should go to catch yellowtail and do some spearfishing?


  • sabinkisabinki Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    I like westend for spear fishing,ytf, deep droping and run south east 30 miles from there for tuna! All depends on what you like to do more of. I will be at OBB from 7/3 to 7/11 29 ft Seavee name is Coolpop!
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