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How's The Water Going To Look This Weekend After The Storm?

I'm hoping to get out sometime between this weekend and the 4th of July. Probably headed a few miles off of Sanibel. How's the water look out there - I'm wondering if it will likely clear up for the weekend?


  • Aquaman13Aquaman13 Posts: 84 Deckhand
    A few miles out may not be so good. The water is extremely stirred up, and a lot of rain really messes with the clarity. The further you go, the clearer it will get
  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,129 Officer
    I spoke with larrywit yesterday about maybe a Sunday trip and he said he was thinking of going today as well, check with larrywit, I believe he's going out today. he'll be able to give you an insite on the conditions. you'll just need to wait till he gets back though. I think he was going up to the 15 ml range. give him a shout later on.
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  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    I was thinking about not going this weekend, but I think I will have to give it a try on sunday. Going to take the girlfreind and explore some new grouper territory. Think I will try south of the 240 ledge. 60-70 foot depths
  • FishyTech215FishyTech215 Posts: 94 Greenhorn
    Well i may have just answered my own question. I find myself at bonita beach right now, and from land, the water looks green but quite dull. Much like pea soup.

    As a sidenote, there's a gang of 6-8 manatees drawing a good sized crowd and putting on quite the show just about 50 feet off the shoreline.
  • Angler SystemsAngler Systems Posts: 919 Officer
    We are waiting until Tuesday and then heading 50 miles off for a Red Snapper trip.
  • goddfaddagoddfadda Posts: 111 Officer
    I was out with the kids yesterday out to 16 miles and it was pea soup! I usually target smaller fish for the boys and sabiki rigs. Well sabiki in the normal haunts didn't work at all. Further out we were nailing tomtates. But absolutely no larger fish / snapper bite. They were there, depth finder was lit up, but they were not eating. The only way to get them to take sabiki was to tip with squid, normally not necessary at all.

    I checked a known grouper ledge and hard bottom that is always loaded, and it was empty. This was 67 feet. No grouper at all, just tiny pinfish. If pinfish are there, grouper certainly are not! We were using the stinkiest bait I could find. Squid, old shrimp and cut sardines.

    Gonna have to go to 90feet plus imo to get to cleaner water and find hungry fish.

    In 40 feet the visibility was < 2 feet. In 60 feet the visibility was < 5 feet. Terrible.
  • etommy28etommy28 Posts: 311 Deckhand
    I am going out a couple mile most likely to may on monday. so ill let you know how it looks.
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