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The Clean-up

So its Thursday and the strom has passed. Do you think it will be fishable in the back water by this weekend?:huh
I always cast to where the fish are. :crossed


  • FishinMcNutFishinMcNut Posts: 536 Officer
    I'll let you know Monday :)
  • chandler315chandler315 Posts: 68 Deckhand
    I'll let you know Monday :)
    Thats good McNut...lol. I hope to have a report also (going sat.)
    I always cast to where the fish are. :crossed
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,275 Captain
    I had anglers out of Flamingo today and we made the big circle, launching on the Florida Bay side then west and north up to the Little Shark and finally Ponce de Leon Bay before making the run back in to the inside ramp. No the water isn't perfect in my area - but it is very fishable, our first snook was a half inch under max slot size and weighed in at 10lbs on the Boga before being released.... There's some weed here and there but by and large the water is a lot cleaner than I expected. Y'all should have fun tomorrow.... catch 'em up.
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