Fly line curving left?

tj5485tj5485 Posts: 139 Officer
So I have been fly fishing for maybe 4-5 months now and my casting has come a long way. Finally starting to double haul, Loops are getting tighter, and im getting a decent distance when shooting line (40-50 feet on average). My only problem that occurs here and there is that sometimes when I shoot line, the bulk of the line will be straight and the last 6 feet will curve to the left. Now When I practice at home, im just shooting the line with no leader. I have payed pretty close attention to my casting and the only thing I think I can see going wrong is maybe im not letting the line go threw evenly on my fingers when im shooting line? Like maybe its a slight grip at the end that im doing that is affecting the lay? I really have no clue. I payed for a casting lesson right when I got my rod and have not done it since my casting has really progressed so maybe I need Another lesson to narrow down some details. Hoping one of you fly Gurus can diagnose my rookie mistake? :huh


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