Cape San Blas fishing report?

We've got a vacation to Cape San Blas in about a month and I was just curious how the fishing is looking here lately? How is the fishing near shore in the gulf and in the bay?


  • smcdonsmcdon Posts: 26 Greenhorn
    Does anyone know if there are any dolphin, tuna or any reef fish within paddling distance from the beach? Looking for some ideas for fishing the gulf from our kayaks.
  • docfishbonesdocfishbones Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    You're looking more at inshore fishing on your kayaks. St. Joe Bay is full of trout and red fish. You might want to search this forum for archived reports on St. Joe Bay. As for tuna, dolphin and reef fish, the shelf slopes very slowly from this area which puts these fish a long way out. Unless you are marathon paddling then you are relagated to the more shallow fishes. Another thing that is close is the channel out by the markers. This is a good long paddle from the tip of Cape San Blas, but doable if you are in great shape. Only problem here is the amount of large boat traffic. You know your skill level, so use your best judgement here. If you go over to Mexico Beach, there are a few inshore reefs. You can find the numbers on the Mexico Beach Reef Association's website. Still have a good paddle to get to those, but there are a bunch of small reef fish out here. You never know when you might run across a large cobia and once in a blue moon you might find a dolphin, but that too doesn't happen often. Good luck and have fun! Hope this helps.
  • kanakakanaka Posts: 343 Deckhand
    When we would be camping at the state park on the peninsula, I would watch schools of tarpon going by about 300yds off the beach. Sounds like a sleigh ride!!!
  • BakermanBakerman Posts: 1,222 Officer
    You can try the flats either side of Eagle Harbor. The last time I was there it would be too rough to launch on the gulf side. (30 mph wind). The Tarpon I saw congregated on the point and to the west ie gulf side. It would be a ways from the camp ground. You could check the Mexico Beach Artifical Reef Association web site for reefs. The car bodies are varying distances, but figure five miles off the beach. Don't get caught out there in the summer t.storm afternoon. The storms often form at the beach and move off shore. I would not want to have the storm between me and shore in my yak. The channel markers often hold bait and kings. But a "hike" by yak.
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  • prolinewsprolinews Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I would stay inshore plenty of reds and trout to be had nearshore .
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