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Cast Netting Cape Coral Fl

BarefootBBarefootB Posts: 11 Greenhorn
I have had this problem since I was 11, I am now 25. I am constantly threatened/harassed by city workers and Rangers telling me it is illegal for me to throw my cast net for bait in the Caloosahatchee River for bait, either from boat or from the beach. I am aware of a law stating no cast netting in canals (I had a ranger tonight try to tell me the river at the yacht club was considered part of the canal), but have been with many charter/guides who catch bait in the river. Can any officer who is familiar with the law give me a straight answer and a link to the law? I would like to print a copy to keep in my glove box, I don't blame these guys, I understand officers, rangers, city/state workers are not lawyers and the laws can be confusing sometimes. But when I get four hours to fish after working two jobs, I don't want to be hassled if I'm not breaking the law. The confrontation this evening took place at the yacht club and the Ranger cited the sign stating no cast netting on the PIER, when I informed him it clearly stated pier and I was on the beach this rule did not apply to me. Then he cited the law stating no cast netting in the canals and since cape coral "is miles of canals that connect the river, the river its considered part of the canal and cannot be cast netted in until you've reach red fish pass",:huh his exact words. Is this a load of crock or the real deal? I have had a ton of FWC pull up to me on the river while cast netting and perform a safety check and never say squat on me cast netting. Same when throwing from land, they check my license and cooler, and tell me to have a good night. Who has a definitive answer? :beer


  • Egreen cobraEgreen cobra Posts: 230 Deckhand
    It's a special act. CH 78-483 (There may also be a city ordinance, as the CC guberment is a bit overzealous.)

    The Ranger is a bit wrong. The act above applies only to manmade canals of Cape Coral. Perhaps the City has a rule against netting/fishing on the beach at the CCYC? As you posted it's clearly posted as prohibited on the pier, the sign might also apply to the beach? (It does for dogs).

    It's not a heavily enforced rule by FWC. There are a few similar ones for other parts of LEE County, and it seems the main purpose is/was to deter mullet netting.
  • fieromanfieroman Posts: 230 Officer
    i checked the city ordinances and only found the same thing as Egreen did. it does state in man-made canals and not the river. last i checked the river isn't a man made canal at that point. there is nothing saying no at the beach just on the pier. One of the rangers is really nice and will not say anything to ya if you are cast netting on the beach but the other one is a complete [email protected]#hole
  • BobbkkatBobbkkat Posts: 141 Officer
    We had an fwc officer stop and check us one night in the cape and we got to talking about the cast net problem. He told us that the rules are that there is no cast netting off of man made areas like canals and piers. He told us that the beaches like at the cape coral yacht club beach is also considered man made property since the sand was put there. He said that he can't enforce the rule and that he doesn't agree with it, only the cape park rangers and pd can enforce it.
  • fieromanfieroman Posts: 230 Officer
    the cops usually don't mess with you if you are on the beach. the park rangers will though
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