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How do I download 2 maps to one sd card

riverrat357riverrat357 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I have the new Marine & Lakes USA buy one get one free.
One chip FL east, one FL west.
How do I get both on one chip.
Can I use a blank chip and download to that chip.
When I go to download west on the east chip it only updates.
Can someone help me.



  • sharky12sharky12 Posts: 198 Deckhand
    Unfortunately there isnt a way to get them both on one chip as of today. Note I say as of today.... give it a little bit of time and you will be able to update one of those chips to multiple areas that you might want. This functionality should be ready in the next 4-5 months. You'll be able to update one of those charts and make it your master chip per say
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