Bull Bay Custom Rod Pics

Check out these Patent Pending NEVER SEEN BEFORE!! Custom Handcrafted RODS!!











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    We have literally broken the "mold" ....

    We find that most custom rod builders are more interested in the thread design, while we strive to offer our talent on the ROD MATERIALS from the manufactorer not limited to the HIGH QUALITY parts going on our rods. I have seen several custom rods and some of high quality build and very nice workmanship; butt MOST of poor quality and low end parts with big price tags.

    Bull Bay Rods says........... If your in the market for a custom ROD then you deserve the best !! We do not cut corners or offer LOW quality on our custom rods. For example. ALL OF OUR INSHORE SALT WATER RODS COME STANDARD WITH ALCONITE FUJI K GUIDES. Think about this. MOST Braided Line users find themselves having "loop or Wind Knots" more often then KNOT. With the "k" guides that helps eliminate the problem before it starts.

    I literally fished last weekend for over three hours in the wind in Tampa FL, from the Hobie Kayak and had one one instance where I had a problem. VS my friend with his High $$ Rod.. and he experienced 10 to 1 loop knots over my "k" guides. AND YES I WOULD OUT CAST HIM 10-15 ft further.

    If you use braided line at ALL I recommend you look close to the "k" guide technology. Again STANDARD on BULL BAY RODS.COM
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    They are looking amazing....
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    Awesome work, how do you bend the shell like that?
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    slipknot wrote: »
    Awesome work, how do you bend the shell like that?

    Just takes alot alot of time and being careful... tried heating it and stuff doesnt seem to work. Usually the thinner the shell the better it works.

    We have a patent on the grip so it will only be ours!
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    They look like friggin pool cues? :shrug
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    What blanks are they?
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    Looks slippery.
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