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Rod holder question

I'm needing to have 2 additional rod holders installed on the bow area of my boat. This will require 2 holes drilled and the back side will not be assesable due to a double walled gunnel. I might be able to do it but would feel much more comfortable paying someone that has done this before and works on boats regularly. Would also need it done at the house in my lift. Any recomendations for an experienced proffesional? Thanks in advanced


  • ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 987 Officer
    Tony, from BoatTronnics....or something similar. I had a 19ft proline, brand new, and I was scared to death to do it. While him and his boss, Dean at that time, were installing my radio, vhf, I asked if he could also do this. I saw Tony jump out of the boat, find his hole saw, look at the angle needed, and...zooon,zoom, done. He ghru come 5200 under it, ran three screws in a bit, backed them out, added 5200 and screwed them on down. bam,he had two in in less thna 10 min. This was 12 years ago...and he doesn't all the time. He can be mobile too.
    Bobby Riggins, 904-626-8407,
  • BoattronicsBoattronics Posts: 5,222 Admiral
    Thanks for the recomendation Bobby! Id be glad to help you out Larry, my number is 904-545-1270, thanks!
    Tony Eden-
    Certified, licsensed and insured, Marine Electronics and rigging master, and "Dream boat" build winner with 20 years of professional experience.
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