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DRY TORTUGAS WITH CAPT EDDIE memorial day weekend

We had great weather this memorial day weekend. We went with Capt Eddie Griffith for about the 7th or 8th time. He decided to head right out so we did not bother to troll as we we itching to do some bottom fishing. We stopped in about 60ft just short of the park and caught a few red grouper and a couple of nice muttons, the bite was slow but steady. That night we ended up in 80ft still outside of the park and loaded up on yellowtail and mangroves up to 5 lbs.

Next morning we headed to the fort, on the first drop in 50ft we were killing the red grouper and muttons up to 15lbs, we had reached our park limit of grouper so we had to get out of the park with the muttons still biting. Throughout the trip we caught kings on the flat line one 30lbs.

The next day we did some trolling and picked up 2 20lb wahoos and lost a really big one. We also picked up 7 schoolie mahi. We stopped at wreck and I caught my personal best red snapper on a butterfly jig in 240ft, 17 lbs. The fish was vented and released unharmed. We also caught a couple of AJ's.

All total we limited out on Grouper and Snapper (over 20 muttons) and had one of the best dry tortugas trips I have ever had. Thanks Capt Eddie for another great trip.


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