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Recomended pump sizes for my boat?

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Hi guys, another question! I have a '98 Hewes Redfisher undergoing restoration.
It has two livewells, main well is center aft and the release well port aft. I think the well sizes are 20 gallons and 30 gallons, respectively but may be off a bit. Anyway, I ordered 3 800gph Shurflo Pirahnas, and need you guys to reinsure me that I made the right chioce! I'll put one on each well, with a recirculator also on the main well. Both wells will also be plumbed with a bubbler. I thought the next size up was overkill and was a substantail increase in current demand. What do you guys think? Thanks for any and all opinions!

Also, is anyone using the new Shurflo livewell spicket? It looks like it has the most tottal control availible for flow rate and even direction.
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