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IRL 5-26

Well the day started off great. Loaded up the yak and got 2 dozen live shrimp ready to paddle some new areas and do some fishing. Get to my launch and load everything in the yak and then couldnt find the last thing....the tackle bag. That's right the yak is in the water with lunch, paddle, 2 fishing poles, 2 dozen shrimp, towels, anchor and a whole bunch of useless crap without fishing tackle:hairraiser:banghead. So I stand cursing at 530 looking at my kayak already in the water and decide to at least throw the one topwater lure i happened to have tied to 1 rod. So off I embark while being attacked by those **** mosquitoes with no pliers just wondering how I was gonna unhook a fish if I happened to catch one. Started shadowing the mullet schools and I got a nice hit about 10 min in and finished with 3 trout with one around 22" and 2 smaller ones right at 16". Had at least 20 strikes but they kept missing the lure. Every fish had just one treble barely in the lip so it was pretty easy with no pliers. Not a bad day for floating around for a few hours. There were some waders by me that hauled in a massive trout as well. Next time I will remember some tackle. Still lots of bait in the river and the wind was light this morning:smoking:beer


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