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Port Canaveral Fsihing 5/26

Hit the port tonight with my son for some fun and maybe a fish or two. We put in around 6 and hit some of the basins with no luck. Decided before dark to head out to the jetty's and worked our way along the rocks. As the sun was setting the bait started getting active. We went ALL ARTIFICAILS tonight as this was our mission for the day. First fish son nails a underslot snook, but game on fish are here. Keep working the same area using the trolling motor to keep us in position, son say's "Fish on" and its a pig snook, jumps runs heads to the rocks and back out again. He gets the fish right to the boat I grab the net and one more jump fish comes off. Real nice one, less dissapointing being we cant keep any till the fall. A few more cast and he says "Fish on" nice runs but no jumnps, he brings a slot red
to the boat in and in the cooler. No I don't mind playing guide but this kid is whipping my A$$ now, so he say "Dad let it fall twitch twice thats how they are hitting". Ok seems like its working I toss back out and finally tap, got one..no big run or jump, nice slot red goes in cooler. We decide to head back to some dock lights as the bite slowed. Hit a dock that looked real active..Son continues to be on fire two more snook in a 1/2 hour one nice slot size on a lil short. I had one on but came unbottuned. This was truly one of the best trips we have had in a while and it was great to see my son so happy with the time we had and yes he did remind me he outfished me, this time. Great night and can't wait to go again. We just assume any night of catch and release like this would be great, but **** can't wait for some snook filets. Have a great weekend all.th_snool1.jpg


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