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What Spinning Reels for these two Shimano Terez Rods

Triton515Triton515 Posts: 24 Greenhorn
I have a lot of American Express points and am using them to purchase some rods and reels. I just got two Terez spinning rods. One is the waxwing, 7'2', medium power fast action 15-30 lb line rating. The other is 7'2, medium power, fast action, 20-50 lb line rating. What is the ideal use and reel for each of these rods? I don't have anything like them so their will be no duplication. Thankfully, I have enough points to get most of the Shimano reels as well. I know there will be questions about what type of fishing, live bait vs lure, etc. That's my point. I need rods and reels for al applications so what is ideal for these rods? Thanks!!!


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