Saturday, 4/28 45 nm off

Great day offshore. Weather was perfect, seas were calm, and the red grouper bite was on.

Big fish for the day was 19 lb.

Another nice one...

The catch...

The crew...

Team High Voltage
Bluewater 2850
Team High Voltage
Bluewater 2850


  • sagorysagory Posts: 614 Officer
    Oh yea! Way to get it done. Sure was nice yesterday
  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,057 AG
    Dayyyuummm. :hail C'mon, give us some details. How deep, what direction and where did you run out of? :grin I spent most of the day getting ready for our full moon trip.

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  • High VoltageHigh Voltage Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    WNW out of Bunces Pass, 100 - 110 ft.

    Team High Voltage
    Bluewater 2850
    Team High Voltage
    Bluewater 2850
  • flatsrunnaflatsrunna Posts: 524 Officer
    Nice haul ! The red grouper bite has been nothing short of great

    I am here:,-82.586334
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  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,978 Moderator
    Outstanding, nice mess of fish there.
  • LilcthefishslayerLilcthefishslayer Posts: 611 Officer
    Got some numbers for sure!!! Nice meat trip!
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 596 Officer
    Great eats right there. I aim to get out of Sarasota next weekend, I'll be camping and fishing inshore all of this one. :)
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