While fishing yesterday..........

bswivbswiv Posts: 7,237 Admiral
Louann and I were out fishing yesterday and ran up on this guy...........

He was doing what hogs do.....along the St. Johns about 25 miles south of Jacksonville. Rooting up the tubers that form the root system of what we call "dollar bonnets". This was along Water Management District property.......



  • DaziggDazigg Posts: 206 Officer
    Not a care in the world.
  • launchpadlaunchpad Posts: 386 Officer
    where's the 12 footer when you need him?
    "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • mccrackermccracker Posts: 354 Deckhand
    thats when you need a trebble hook and 300lb test
    Great pictures, I can't say I have ever seen one trying to root around in that deep of water. O.E.
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