Penn Battle 4000 opinions

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I just received my Penn battle 4000. Loaded it up with Fins Windtamer 30lb braid that has a 8 pound test Dia. I haven't gotten to use it yet, but was going to head over to the Indian River lagoon this Monday. It appears to be a good smooth reel right out of the box and loaded up with line perfect.
Now after the fact, I've started hearing bad reviews and some real nightmare stories about the reel. I was wanting to know, does anybody Fish with one that can tell me their opinion on how they think it performs, cast, retrieves, handles a decent fish under pressure, overall quality and dependability. I usually fish with Fin~Nors and Penn Sargus reels and have been really happy with them. I know I will find out Monday for myself, just wondering if anybody has any input and did I get taken for $100.00.


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    I have the Battle 3000 with 15lb power pro braid on it. It is a great reel! I do occasionally get wind knots, but that's normal.
  • PENNPENN Posts: 373 Deckhand
    Catch All,

    Since The Battle Series was introduced a couple years back, it has by far been our best selling reel. For every one complaint you will hear 100 positive comments. If you are happy with your Sargus reel you will be even happier with your Battle. Pretty much the same guts as the Sargus but the HT-100 drag washers in the Battle will give you a much smoother drag. If for some reason you do have a problem with your reel, send it to us in Philly and we will get it going perfect for you again.

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