A Full Day of Fishing 4-29-12


We launch from Jensen Beach Causeway about 6:15am and head over to some dock lights before the sun rises. No luck on them but we keep working the docks through sunrise and I'm hooked up and the fish is stripping drag. I try to stop it but it gets around the dock and breaks me off after a minute or so. About 15 minutes later, dad has a snook pop his lure right beside the boat, but miss it. We go back to fish the line again and I pick up a couple of 6 to 8lb jacks, which are always a blast. After that, I hook up again, but this time it's a good size trout. 20.5 inches and really beat up. Dad then pulls the hook on one that was stripping drag. This line of docks was on fire till about 9:30am. Then we went and tried some flats, but they had this real nasty floating weeds on it and it kept getting hung on the hook as soon as it hit the water. Not the best of trips, 10 trout, 7 jacks, and some lost snook. Using DOA CAL's of course.


I had also been planning a trip with Capt.Jeremy Neff (snookcook). So I head over to meet him and by about 4pm were in the water. We make about a 10 minute run and then start the search for mullet. Tough to get so we only had about 6 of them. We anchor the boat and wade a line of docks with the mullet. Picking apart about 3 docks with no bites then I get one, but as soon as I set the hook, it breaks my line. Tie on new leader and ready to go again. This time Jeremy gets hooked up. About a 15lb jack that put up quite a battle. While he is back at the boat, I reel in my mullet and while it is at my feet. A snook comes up and takes it! Hooked up, circle hook did its job and we land the fish. Just a hair under 28 inches. After a few fish stealing or killing our mullet, I'm hooked up again. The drag is locked down so tight I couldn't even pull it out, but this fish is just stripping it off with ease. Another big jack! I help him re-bait some of his crab traps and then we hit a few dock lights after the sun sets. We get one trout, but only fished a few lights. Off the water by 8:30pm.

Snookcook knows where they hide! Fun trip.


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