Big schools of Bull Reds offshore Cumberland Island, Ga. On the surface for 3 hours!


  • Steve SuttonSteve Sutton Posts: 122 Officer
    RUSSELL!!!! make em stay up for another two weeks...I'll be there the 15th.....and staying through Sept.....

    Lets get together.....beeen WAY too long.........

    Steve, (hopefully you don't need the last name).....
  • cambosoup99cambosoup99 Posts: 287 Deckhand
    I've always wanted to come across something like that. I know it says bull reds but did you guys bring home any slot reds? that's awesome sight to see.
  • reelhookerreelhooker Posts: 644 Officer
  • Kapn SkinnyKapn Skinny Posts: 1,008 Officer
  • Slug-OSlug-O Posts: 3,017 Captain
    Bucket list for me!!!!
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  • sheepdawgsheepdawg Posts: 204 Officer
    I have a video of them from saturday but dont know how to upload it from my i Phone
  • tagtag Posts: 8,836 Admiral
  • ElementElement Posts: 1,749 Officer
    **** like that gets my blood pumping. Scenes like that are what keep me fishing.
  • reelhookerreelhooker Posts: 644 Officer
    Very well spoken Element.
  • Full CircleFull Circle Posts: 65 Greenhorn
    Incredible footage Capt Tharin. Great job! Thats never gonna fade from the memory.
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Awesome , I had the luck of running into a school like that coming in from King fishing out of the shipping chl here .. Heading back from our fishing spot about 4miles offshore we came across a school of a couple hundred all in the 40inch range , it was an amazing site . I tossed a 6inch king spoon and hooked up every time I put it out there ...
  • SJCSJC Posts: 2,565 Captain
    The Beatings will continue until moral improves!
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