Late report My Birthday keys trip in marathon 4/12/12-4/18/12

Me my girlfriend Deanna and Friends David Greg and fellow West central forum member Nick aka rocknreel23. We drove down wednesday night we took Nicks custom Dusky 23 shes a nice boat.We rented a 2 bed room place on the water really nice house.We got up early thursday morning grabbed some ballyhoos made some sandwiches and headed for some blue water!!!! We trolled out for while then nick sight casted to a pod of tunas crashing and he hooked up to a nice 7-8 pound black fin tuna so now we have the skunk off the boat. A while later i had a line come at my face out of the spread i pulled it in and it was just a bally hoo head on a hook not sure what bit it.... Then it happend again and we got broken off and i lost my favorite jet head that i got my first dolphin with bummer. After that we took a break from trolling and i was trying to cast to blackfins that were just to far away to get to and they were very boat shy. We were at a place called the ups and downs i guess its similar to the humps.Then we found a sweet pallet in about 750ft we put lines out and boom hooked up we had singles doubles and so on all phins .We fished the pallet for a while they liked the color pink that day I gott some tripple tails off that spot as well but they were short and some bar jacks.the sun started to go down and the tunas were everywhere in about 300ft pretty close to land I had hooked one on a vertical jig but it came off then we got the biggest dolphin of the day off a well defined weed line with lots of debris my buddy greg caught that one. This is the first days catch. Day 2 friday april 13th seas were flat as a board we were excited after the good day we had before we ran out to 100 and started trolling south east Nick saw another boil in the water and cast to it and it was a nice skip jack tuna sweet looking fish about 8 pounds then we trolled working lots of weedlines with nothing to show for it we decided to headed out deeper and found some seriously fishy nervouse water boom we had a nice knock down on the down rigger with a black and red islander ballyhoo combo it was a nice dolphin I caught that one Then after that we found a bouey and a bucket rite in the same area and we got a double on david and greg brought those in and behind davids fish was a decent sized cow i tossed a chunk to it and she inhaled it and we were trippled up it was sweet!!!:grin We put the lines back out and the down rigger got hit it was a 15 pound or so phin but it wrapped around the bouey and we backed down on it and tried to gaff it but was way to green and we had no way to fight it and it broke off ohh well not bad we only lost 1 fish out of 2 days Heres the fish from the second trip out Then the wind came and we couldnt get out any more we got some mangrove snappers off the 7 mile bridge one day and went to key west checked out the area and we tried to get out the last day of our trip we got one bonita and headed in it was 7-8 foot seas just wasnt fun so we got two good days of fishing but it was a great trip with friends and a nice vacation the guys got me a cake for my Bday they came up with this idea that with my old hat on i looked like quint the captain from jaws :huh so they got me this cake hahahahaha Thanks for reading my report guys


  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Captain
    That looks like a great trip!! Congrats..."Quint"! :beer


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  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    hahaha vey funny Thanks it was a great trip i already want to go back maybe in the summer when the seas lay down
  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    Nice coupple of trips. Happy Birthday.
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  • dirty-hookerdirty-hooker Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Great report fellas. Hopin' to get some days like that this month...
  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Well done guys. Love that you found floating "birthday debris".
  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,845 Captain
    Nice work...What are you casting to the tunas??
  • ericj359ericj359 Posts: 237 Officer
    I was casting a vertical jig with minimal luck had two hook ups on it but they came off for some reason when they were jumping the jig seemed to spook them when it hit the water. My buddy nick was using a rubber swim bait he was in the tower so he could sight them much better i think it was a doa. Thanks finding the pallet was sweet it saved our day for sure
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