Mayport Inlet Reds

Met up again with my new fishin buddy Arun. First thing we went over to Chicopit to catch some Finger Mullet. We had to work pretty hard for them but the work paid off and we set off for the inlet with a full live well. Reached our destination and dropped in some line. Wasn't long before we had our first Red of the day. Arun pulls up a very nice 26.5" red. In the box he goes. Minutes later i get my first Red of the day, a 28" fish that got put back in the water after some revival. Later on i manage to get 2 more over slot Reds, 29" and 31". The Red fish bite slowed down so we spent the last hour or so beating on the Whiting. Probably caught 20 or more. Soon after, we called it a day.
Did have some very massive fish hook ups today that were lost. Something got on my line that felt like it should have been a boat... ran line like a King fish but, we will never know. Arun lost his fair share of monsters as well. Disappointing but, that's fishing. Great day on the water as always Arun. Thanks for going along man.



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