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What can I do about Pelicans?

BarefootBBarefootB Posts: 11 Greenhorn
I fish the fort myers pier often and there are currently two birds who have become way to comfortable with people. Today one pretty much attacked a little German toddler (she had a bait fish in her hand). I know its the fisherman and tourist who feed the birds but these two are literally taking fish from peoples hands and lines. There are several hooks, lures, and lines wrapped around them, they still are able to fly at this point. My concern is there going to ingest a hook or even possibly hurt a small child after seeing what happened today. I checked FWC nuisance wild life info and Pelicans are not listed, anyone have any ideas on what action I could take?


  • CDill9CDill9 Posts: 108 Officer
    20 lbs dumb bell weight on 5 feet of 100 lbs test and a rigged ballyhoo... JK-ing call animal control or a rescue and see if they will relocate them...
  • fieromanfieroman Posts: 230 Officer
    thats the problem when people feed the pelicans. i was fishing on that peip one day. had a 9' snapper a tourist said why don't you give it to the pelicans so they can eat, i told her that not only is it illeagal but it also isn't good for them. they don't usually get bigger fish. she said i was just being mean.....if people would not feed them they wouldn't be there. as to the pelicans call CROW since they have hooks, lures and line around them they need to be rescued. CROW will come out and get them.
  • BeachTymeBeachTyme Posts: 129 Deckhand
    Just like people feeding gators, the wild life associates humans = food and then the problems start.
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