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Yellowfin Tuna fishing 4.21.12 in Panama

AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Deckhand
Had the pleasure of going to Islas Secas Resort with family and friends. Our captain was "THE" Carter Andrews. The resort was first class, Look it up at www.islassecas.com for a trip of a lifetime.The first day was a learning curve and I lost a 200# plus YFT at the boat after nearly an hour long fight. But on the second day we caught "small" as Carter would say 30-40lb YFT by the dozens on Stella 8000 spinning reels. On our last day of fishing we headed towards Coiba and the Hannibel Bank in search of the big boys. Again I had a 200# plus fish on only to rip of 300-400 yards of braid nearly spooled then straighten the hooks! We did manage to catch 180#, 140# and 120#,[all on stella 20000 spinning rod and reel.ATTACH=CONFIG]28884[/ATTACH]


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