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Miami-Chub first weather window 4/28, 5/5 or 5/12

Raising CaneRaising Cane Posts: 1 Greenhorn
Planning a short 3 night trip from Miami to Chub any of the next three weekends if we get a decent weather window, and favorable wind direction (prefer E-SE or SE up to 15 knots). Plan would be to leave afternoon on Thursday around 3:30PM, clear at Bimini and sleep the first night there then run to Chub early the next AM, fishing the pocket and then run in to Chub or sleep in the lee of Rhum depending on weather. Sunday we maybe fish until noon and then run back across to Miami. An alternative departure would be to leave late Friday afternoon and return to Miami late afternoon Monday. So for us its taking either a Friday or Monday off, depending on the weather window. We are OK roughing it and often sleep on the hook too.

We can and have many times crossed alone (29' Seavee T-225 Optis - more detail below) and will do so this trip if needed. Happy to have a suitable buddy boat though (see NOTE below). With fuel prices like they are, depending on wind and wave direction we cruise about 28-32 mph if seas are between 2'-4' maybe 5' for a trip like this. Lower seas we will run 34-36 mph.

NOTE: There is no real diplomatic way to say this and it may come across in a negative way but I'd rather be up front than have a misunderstanding, so I'll just say it: I am happy to cross with a buddy boat and provide support and company if needed - and receive the reciprocal benefit of one too. With that said, the concept of a buddy boat should NOT be a substitute for an inadequately maintained or equipped boat and/or because one is too cheap or foolish to have a valid towing service plan in place (TowBoat US or SeaTow). Buddy boats should also generally try to be in a similar size and speed range as the other buddy so one side is not a drag on the other and/or where a limited tow to safe harbor until the commercial tow service arrives is not feasible due to a massive size disparity between the boats. For example, a 21ft single engine boat is going to have a tough time keeping up and it is not really capable of a long range Chub trip, or capable of towing for any distance in the stream a 36' Intrepid with trip engines. I have frankly worked hard and spent plenty of money to have my boat well maintained and very well equipped for safety, and it is just not fair if the other guy is lazy, cheap, ignorant, inconsiderate (or all of the above) and then expect the buddy to be his free tow, maintenance and rescue service.

29 Seavee T-225 Optis
189 gallons fuel
4 batteries
2 GPS + 1 handheld GPS in ditch bag
Winslow Liferaft
Fixed and Handheld GPS

PS: I have been away from the boards for a very long time and although this is my first post on these "new" boards, I am the same RC as on the "old" forums.


  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,666 Captain
    welcome back raising cane. good to see you back.

  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Welcome back RC! We should try and get in touch with Dr. Matt and get a crew together for ol' times sake.lol Good to se ya on hear again!!!
  • BspotBspot Posts: 189 Officer
    snookyj wrote: »
    Welcome back RC! We should try and get in touch with Dr. Matt and get a crew together for ol' times sake.lol Good to se ya on hear again!!!

    Where are you leaving from? There is a group of big Hatts leaving Sat or Sunday from the Gables and going past Chub. Some will be towing tenders (25-27 Contenders) so it won't be hauling **** speed. Weather window is calling for 15-20 all weekend. You may want to wait.
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