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Red Snapper Closure

CaptBlazeCaptBlaze Posts: 96 Deckhand
I would like to hear from FWC or NOAA on my question below.

I know when they "closed" Red Snapper there was the option to close it for something like 25-35 years. All of the information i have seen recently is fisherman b****ing about how many are being caught. I can attest to this, as i can catch them till my arms get tired, but i have not seen or heard any recent updates or information about this closure from the government.

What is the current status? I know there are several studies underway on the fishery, and some say it will open soon, others are saying 30 more years. I have not seen anything "official"

Where do we really stand on this? Is there a real chance of them being opened back up soon, or just wishful thinking?


Capt Blaze
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