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Eleuthera Trip

RickRick Posts: 39 Deckhand
It had been 5 years since our last trip here and thankfully not too many changes. We rented a little cottage at Poponi Beach, just north of Unique Village in North Palmetto. We found a new restaurant for us, we liked as much as Tippy's at Cocodimamas just south of the GH airport. Paulo who used to run the La Dolce Vita is the chef and not only was the food very good, it was a nice setting and great owner and staff. We used to like Joe's that became Captain Jack's and is now closed. The Skybeach complex has locals upset, cause they tore up the landscape, but I did get dragged there and have to admit, sitting by the pool and having lunch and a beverage for an hour or so in the middle of the day wasn't such a bad thing. Mate and Jenny's is now serving only Pizza and Wings and Mate himself is starting to wind down a little, at 77 I guess he deserves it. Still as always it was great visiting with him. His son Clyde has really got the farm going great, and it was good to see him as well.
The bones in Savanah Sound were uncooperative although there is a grass flat that runs perpendicular to the beach on the north end where they feed that was productive. I fished with Denny Rankin one day here and although we didn't cover a large area we were constantly on fish. Denny ranks with about 6 other guides in the Bahamas as my all time favorite guide. I had planned on getting down south this trip but never made it past Winding Bay where I caught bones. I skipped Balera bay until the day before I left because I didn't see one bone here my last trip. Stupid move, not only were they plentiful, but hungry, the only downside is there is plenty of coral to snag a flyline.
As much as we love the other Out Islands, I think for fishing on your own and the friends we have made over the years here, Eleuthera has to be our favorite.

All the best, Rick


  • FS BlairFS Blair Posts: 1,814 Admin
    Eleuthera is a great island. Not many marinas or charter operations, but easy to find quality fishing on your own. On a trip there a few years ago it was too windy to fish or surf so we ended up bumping around Gregory Town, we ended up at the town's primary school where we ended up talking with the school Principal and lining up a volunteer teaching position for my daughter. She worked there for a couple of months, living in a small rented apartment in the village, without ac, and had probably one of the most memorable summers of her life.
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