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This turkey season has been more frustrating than normal for me. Typically I work several birds, mess up more than I kill and get lucky on one or two most years.
This year started off with me and Omegafoo walking under 3 birds on opening morning. Since then I've walked under at least 4 more. Two of wich were gobblers. So most of the season I've just been more efficient at scaring them away than normal and haven't had the pleasure of working the birds before messing it up.

I finally found one that wanted to play. He started gobbling early and often. At first he was so far I wasn't sure exactly what direction he was. I moved a little and got a fix in him and he just kept on. I'm moving and never seem to be getting any closer for what seemed like forever. About a half mile later I was set up on him.

When I get a bird to respond I usually run througu a series of calls and figure out which ones he really likes and save them for hopefully breaking him from being hung up. Well this bird was fired up and he answered everything I threw at him. He was to my NE, I could hear hens to the W of me and at some point one to the N. After he answered everything I had I gave him the silent treatment for a while.
At some point his gobbling stgarted drifting to the north a little so I got the pot call back out and purred at him twice. He answered each time and that turned him. From then on I did a little leaf scratching then nothing. He gobbled once every minute or so the whole time. At some point toward the end I could hear him on the other side of palmettos gobble, drum, gobble, drum. At this point I'm going nuts because I know he's in range but I can't see him. A few minutes later I see his head peeking out of the palmettos right where I thought he'd walk out but I can't see anything but the top of his head. Then he stepped out and stood tall giving me a perfect 25 yard shot.

As it turns out the hen to the north was another hunter who came over to discuss it. You never know how folks are going to act but he was a good sport and seemed like a really nice guy.

The bird had an 11&1/4 inch beard and sharp spurs of 1" and 7/8". Unfortunately the beard has beard rot and about 1/3 to 1/2 of it is gone.

One other cool thing about the hunt is that about 10 minutes before the shot I turned the video function on my phone on. I don't have any video of him but I have 10 minutes of audio, which is really cool.



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