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I've just been given an old Longbeach 68, For all I know it's from 1968 or its 68 years old, jokeing. It's old, in great condition, and on an old Aquarius rod with a roller tip from the 70's I'm thinking. Can this reel be used for some inshore trolling? Should I use it just for bottom fishing? And I wonder, could I even put braid on it? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks


  • TunanorthTunanorth Posts: 125 Deckhand
    The 68 Long Beach was a tough old bird; nearly indestructible when used within design parameters.
    BTW, it might actually be from 1958 or even earlier!
    Max drag figures were not published back when it was in production, but expect the number to be no more than around 12-14 pounds.
    Gear ratio was also meant for power, not speed.
    Modern superbraid lines may be a bit problematic, but if you want to use it for light/medium duty bottom fishing for a "nostalgic" feel go right ahead, just understand the inherent limitations.
    Suggest you fill it about 3/4 full with mono or [preferably] DACRON, then top it with a few hundred yards of your favorite superbraid.
    Just be mindful that the tolerances were not built for modern super-thin lines, and you could get line caught behind the spool, and also that the extra-wide multi-piece frame can seriously flex if you get hung up with 65 or 80-pound braid and start trying to pull the snag loose.
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  • Nat1976Nat1976 Posts: 497 Officer
    Hey thanks alot for the reply Tunanorth. Went to a couple places and finaly found some DACRON, I beleive it was filler for a fly reel. The dia. looked way to small. I was also talked out of braid. Went ahead with a 40lbs Berkly Big Game, but I am afraid 370 yards wont be enuff. Did you suggest the dacron because the reel when it came out may have had line similar to that?
  • TunanorthTunanorth Posts: 125 Deckhand
    Way back in the day, it performed best with Dacron, which can be pretty tough to locate these days.
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