Which is the better sport?

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Which is the better sport?
We, who are fortunate enough to live in this tropical wonderland we call Florida are not twice, but triple blessed. We have weather that most cannot even dream of, we are recognized as the fishing capital of the world, and we have some of the best hunting imaginable. So, Which is the better sport, fishing or hunting? Talk about a win-win situation, a situation requiring a great deal of study, on the water, in the field, detailed study. A very time consuming task, guess I will volunteer.
Where better to start our investigation than the fabulous Florida Middle Grounds, the Grounds, recognized as a natural aquarium for hundreds of species of fish, hungry fish. Our study began Friday afternoon April 6. The Florida Fisherman, Hubbard's Marina, has been visiting the area for decades. The Florida Fisherman attracts sportsmen/women from all over the country. Just last week, seven anglers joined a crew of regulars to attack, 'study' the Middle Grounds. It did not take long for these Northerners, these sportsmen/women from Maryland my Maryland to see, first hand, why Florida is indeed recognized as the fishing capital of the world.
Florida is known for grouper. Grouper like these will demand the attentions of any sportsman:

OK! so Florida has great fishing. But what about hunting?
Florida has a very strong, healthy, deer & turkey population. And, in addition, some of the best wild boar hunting imaginable. The Florida wild boar, cunning, smart, dangerous. The adversary with a nose. Is it even possible to 'fool' this beast, this nose? Well! hogs do have a major weakness, their stomach. Often electric corn feeders are used to attract the attention of this eating machine. But what about that nose, if he smells you, corn or no corn, this brute will disappear faster than could ever be imagined. Cover scents work well, but most are messy and expensive. Fresh earth & natural pine cover scent wafers, by Hunters, are inexpensive solutions that, along with corn feeders, will give the serious hunter a better chance of success.
We have seen what the Florida Middle Grounds can produce, but what about the hard to harvest hogs. For over a year now I have been hunting the Florida wild boar at Tiger Island Outfitters, Cedar Key, Florida. We hunt over corn feeders, however, that 'nose' has been a problem. Will fresh earth & pine wafers really help? Only one way to find out. Wednesday morning April 11, study time! But first, nap time, nap time in the cutest little cabin imaginable. Five P.M. time to visit my home for the next few hours, hope the hogs are obliging, surely they must be hungry! After attaching the cover scent wafers to my cap, I am ready. Finally, after a couple of hours, signs of life, hogs, hungry hogs. The bigger ones are staying off at a distance. Please, please come in. Just smell that delicious corn, but don't get even a whiff of me. Well, those wafers are working, closer, closer, they come. Now, the corn & wafers have done their jobs. It's up to me and my lever action 45/70 Guide gun. Slowly I put the cross-hairs of my 3X9 Nikon scope just under that monsters ear. BAM! what a shot. Hog down, hog down and on film. Joey, my guide, to the rescue. My trophy will be cleaned even before I get back to camp. It's still early, Joey says there is a good chance those hogs will be back. OK! let's see. Tiger Island donates hundreds of pounds of fresh hog meat to the needy. They sure could use a couple. I can shoot that Marlin pretty darn fast, but hogs can take off like a bat our of .... well let's just say they are speedy! Given the chance, I will try. As the sun makes its last appearance of the day, I see them, they are headed my way. Will I get a shot, or shots, before dark? Only a few minutes left. Well! It's now or never. I pick out two porkers, two boars. BAM, BAM! I did it, in less than a heart beat, two boars down. What a hunt. A wonderful time, and we helped the needy.
Home away from home:
Cover scent wafers:
What a shot:
Joey, Tiger island master guide:
Joey & Crichton Allen, owner of Tiger Island Outfiters:

Tiger Island Outfitters...the video:


Which is the better sport, fishing or hunting?
After doing both for over five decades I have decided that the better sport is the one that we are lucky enough to be enjoying at any given time. Indeed, we are triple blessed.
Bob Harbison Native Florida Sportsman, member Florida Outdoor Writers Association, (FOWA).


  • gator4evergator4ever Posts: 2,566 Captain
    The answer is easy both. But you got to have the buck$.

    Hunt August 1 to Dec 31, fish May 15 to July 31st.

    Hunt private lease, fish with friends on their boats. I take them hunting they take me fishing.

    If I had to pay both I would have to drop 1. And I am not going to quit hunting.

    For all the guys on here that hunt public land and do it successfully these guys to me deserve all the credit. Hats off.
    "sometimes it's OK just to kill a little time" my grandpa 1972
  • DONY 1DONY 1 Posts: 557 Officer
    I don't know about anyone else but I enjoy both equally. If I'm not in the woods I'm usually in the boat. Living near the Keys is heaven when it comes to being on the water but makes for a long drive for an affordable lease.
    Don't cost nuttin to be nice
  • ShineShine Posts: 827 Officer
    I would say Florida has “World Class” fishing. It has “good” hunting. How about doing some surfing? Not going to happen in Iowa. We are in North Florida and have it all – two hours north, GA/SC some of the best deer hunting in America. Two hours south, exceptional waterfowl. Problem with hunting is we are convinced that putting people and concrete on every square inch of the state will make it a paradise. We need to do more to ensure the next generation has a place here. More people, pavement and less land – math that won’t add up.
  • shempshemp Posts: 571 Officer
    hard to make a living off of either, but easy to spend life's savings on

    Love em both (and surfing, too!...not only can you not do that in Iowa, the rest of the east coast you gotta have brass ba77s to surf october-april, but not in FL). Depends on time of year for me; when the fronts hit and the redfish scatter, I'll do some spearfishing and kingfishing, and docklight fishing till it gets cold, but i start thinking of the woods. Hunt all winter (and fish, too...kinda like what shine's saying, it's hard to hunt in a target parking lot, and i'm a long way from huntable land (even public) but dam close to some great fishing). Spring it's the opposite, hooked on turkeys but start thinking of the water. Makes for low energy, getting chewed out at work/home.

    O to live in a place that really had it all, culture (sports)/freshwater/saltwater/diving/surfing/hunting...well i reckon somewhere in this state is about as close as you'll come to that this side of the pearly gates
  • southpawsouthpaw Posts: 42 Deckhand
    Shine wrote: »
    Problem with hunting is we are convinced that putting people and concrete on every square inch of the state will make it a paradise. We need to do more to ensure the next generation has a place here. More people, pavement and less land – math that won’t add up.
    shemp wrote: »
    hard to make a living off of either, but easy to spend life's savings on

    No more truth has been spoken!

    In my recent attempts to regain the passions of my youth, hunting, fishing and yes, surfing, I have found that while somewhat abundant, these opportunities are not easily obtained. Whether it be cost, logistics or whatever, there is always an obstacle to overcome. Gone are the days of walking out my front door with gun in hand or board under my arm. Instead, its packing the car, taking a drive, digging in my wallet or whatever. I will admit my frustration but only because I still remember the simpler times.

    But, I will not be discouraged nor will my ***** sessions be long. I owe it to myself and my children to find the way! I just wish our legislature and the developers would do the same!!
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,834 Captain
    HUNTING: Many, many years ago I would put my beagle in the truck, take a short drive a hunt rabbits. Those days are gone. If I wanted to go squirrel hunting, simply drive up to an oak grove & hunt. Now, instead of oak groves, we have one of two things, pine trees, or houses. Guess one reason I like Tiger Island so much is because, as when I was young, I can hunt in a beautiful oak, hickory, grove, and, have a real chance of seeing game. I am determined to make the best out of what we have left. "I will not be discourged!"
    FISHING: Many years ago I would wade fish along miles of pristine grass flats around Courtney Campbell Causeway. Great fishing! Those days are gone. many years ago, during the Spring, Gandy Bridge was absolutely loaded with mackerel. Those days are gone. Today I fish off-shore, way off-shore. The Florida Middle Grounds, 100 miles NW of Madeira Beach, offers fishing virtually as good as many years ago. The only thing different now from 'many years ago' is NOAA. NOAA Law, NOAA's never ending quest for shares/separation, is killing, in-shore, off-shore, and way off-shore, fishing. However, as so well said by southpaw, "I will not be discouraged!"
  • GrillaGGrillaG Posts: 1,260 Officer
    surfing, hunting, fishing, nascar, football, basketball.........in that order, lol
  • southpawsouthpaw Posts: 42 Deckhand
    GrillaG wrote: »
    surfing, hunting, fishing, nascar, football, basketball.........in that order, lol

    HA...no better order my friend...Shaka!


    I like the avatar, grew up in the shadow of a Warthog base!!
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