Anybody know CREW Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed near Naples?

1FSM1FSM Posts: 114 Officer
My best friend is moving out very close to CREW.
Anybody know this place?
Any hunting opportunity to be had out there?
I believe it's all quota hunts out there but if it's worthwhile I could apply for a quota.



  • hoggatorhoggator Posts: 349 Deckhand
    CREW Corkscrew Marsh does not allow deer hunting. Only hogs/small game/turkey. It is quota. Tough hunting for hogs now that they closed the hicking trails on the North side of the property to hunting. I believe a judge ownes 100 acres bordering the property and he keeps feeders and traps year-round. I hunted it this past Thanksgiving week and saw very little sign and no hogs were ckecked in while I was there. OK Slought & Spirit both allow hog hunting during small game without a quota during the same time period. Probably worth going there and not wasting your quota points.
    FLINT PEN MARSH, I only hunted the first year it oppened, and swore I would never go back. I hate wondering into people's front porches while I am stalking around. I did shoot a little buck at 40 yards with my blackpowder revolver there. One of the coolest kills for me. But, I just did not care for the place.
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