Opening day out of Venice

I was waiting for one of the guys who made it out with Joe Miller to post something, until then, I got this message from one of the guys: " All in all it was good. Joe did his usual and put us on the fish. We limited out on the grouper and caught a bunch of nice mangrove's and lane's. I hooked and fought about a 5 - 6 foot spinner shark off the back on a free line that jumped twice completely out of the water before breaking me off about 3 min later. . Saw some barracuda and caught 3 bonita as well. Almost got into a storm of fish hitting top that Joe was very excited about but we were anchored and someone was fighting a big aj at the time so we couldnt leave to go over to them.

Here is a pic of the fish. The mangroves and lanes had already been cleaned."



  • fishingkid315fishingkid315 Posts: 1,942 Captain
    Nice catches man! I'm going out friday out of new pass.
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  • hammerhead09hammerhead09 Posts: 35 Deckhand
    Dang it man! Now the secret is out.. Oh well.. Now I have to get up extra early to get a good seat.
  • MoganMaxMoganMax Posts: 139 Officer
    That is a very impressive looking catch!
  • JEIBEJEIBE Posts: 274 Deckhand
    I must say that this trip was a blast. Sorry for the delay. Joe is a great guy and fishermen. We caught Bonita's mangos gags rgs scamps ajs sharks and everything else imaginable. We fished from 110-140 catching the huge reds in the 120 range. Great day!!! Limits on rg






  • TrophyRoomAppTrophyRoomApp Posts: 172 Officer
    Great catch
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  • chicochico Posts: 501 Officer
    Wow, that is a pile of fillets!!! Wish I coulda been there instead of having to rush home ( my son in law got crushed by a truck that rolled over him, incredibly he is back home and making a full recovery!!)
  • capciofficapcioffi Posts: 808 Officer
    It makes me feel great to finally see a cooler full of fish we can keep. I can't wait until they open snapper and gags, going to put the hammer down, and let the boat sit a little lower in the water at days end.
  • fishingkid315fishingkid315 Posts: 1,942 Captain
    **** nice fish also that water looks rely nice!
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  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 525 Officer
    Great fish! I'm assuming those bonitos were for bait, 'cause those things are NASTY.
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  • JEIBEJEIBE Posts: 274 Deckhand
    Capt joe has some neighbors Who are big time shark fishermen so they trade clean up duties for the meat. We caught 7 or 8 gags in the 30 lb range and several huge ARS.. It would've been unbelievable with everything open
  • angler18angler18 Posts: 2,035 Officer
    wow! great trip. I will be heading out a little north of there friday, hope they are still chewing!
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