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Hunting with a 6.8mm AR 15

Big-DaveBig-Dave Posts: 1 Greenhorn
I just picked up my first AR15 rifle. The caliber is 6.8mm. I have been trying to find the legality of hunting on private and public land with the AR15......

On private property, is there a limit to the amount of rounds I can have in the magazine?

It is my understanding that on public land I must be limited to a 5 round mag, is that correct?



  • GreyRiderGreyRider Posts: 61 Deckhand
    68A-1.004 (89) Wildlife – All wild or non-domestic birds, mammals, fur-bearing animals, reptiles and amphibians.

    68A-12.002 General Methods of Taking Game; Prohibitions.
    (1) No person may take any game birds, crows or game mammals except as herein provided.
    (2) Resident game birds, crows and game mammals may be taken only during the daytime between one-half hour before sunrise and one-half hour after sunset in the open season established by the Commission, provided that the hours in which the hunting of gobblers or bearded turkeys is permitted during the spring season shall be from one-half hour before sunrise until sunset.
    (3) Game birds, crows or game mammals may be taken with any of the following:
    (a) Shotgun – Shotguns used for taking migratory birds shall be not larger than 10 gauge and incapable of holding more than three shells in magazine and chamber combined.
    (b) Rifle or pistol.
    1. No silencer-equipped or fully automatic firearm may be used.
    2. Firearms using any rimfire cartridge are prohibited for taking deer.
    3. The use of non-expanding, full metal case (military ball) ammunition is prohibited for taking deer.
    4. Taking wildlife with any centerfire semi-automatic rifle having a magazine capacity of more than five rounds is prohibited.
    5. Muzzleloading guns of less than .40 caliber firing a single bullet or of less than 20 gauge firing two or more balls, are prohibited for taking deer.
    6. The take of game specified for any muzzleloading gun season with any gun other than a bow, crossbow or muzzleloading gun is prohibited except this subparagraph shall not limit the methods of take of game specified for any coinciding season.

  • Slug-OSlug-O Posts: 3,017 Captain
    I look forward to the repeal of the suppressor part.......
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