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Do owl calls work for turkeys even late in the season? Or they get wise to them and ignore or even run from them.


    I doubt they shy from them as they probably here them about 365 days a year. I have found at the places I hunt they either answer with gusto or totally ignore them.
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    It all depends on their mood. As mentioned above, they hear them all year long. The same thing with crows and any other environmental sound that might elicit a gobble. I've found that the instances where locator calls work the bird was already gobbling. The exception to this might be an instance where you use a gobble call or loud series of yelps or cutts to shock a bird into gobbling.
    Of course these are just my experiences.
    From before daylight until just before flydown, and then once they are back on the limb.....the owl call is the king of locator calls. I have not noticed any difference whether it's a high pressure management area of private property. However, gobbling does vary from place to place for what ever reason. there is not really that many people that hunt in the evening or roost to make the birds shy to an owl call. I have roosted birds that would gobble 50 or 75 times one night and never say a word the next. You just never know what mood one will be in. Keep with your owl call and you will strike birds. Good Luck, OE.

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    I find these tend to work better earlier in the season.
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    I have never heard a turkey respond to an owl until last week end. I hunted all morning with no sounds from any turkey, nada. I finally got up and packed up my stuff at 11:30 and made my way back to the truck. I load up and decide to walk down another trail off to the east. I get about 500 yards down the trail and I hear a barred owl hoot in the woods about 40 yards from me and a turkey gobbles in response to my left. It is high noon. I am now freaking out trying to figure out where to set up and the owl and turkey sound off again. I finally find a spot to sit down and I try some calling and sit there for another hour and nothing, again. Hunt over. Maybe next year.
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    Sometimes you can wake up the woods with a Owl, Crow or Hawk call. I prefer an excited hawk call in the warmer parts of the day to get other birds going. Although at times they just respond to anything or nothing. Train,goose,thunder.woodpecker,woodduck,quail,deer and other turkey talk.
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    Wondering about this this year for the first time...never noticed a problem before. usually I'd just have to hoot once to get the owls going and they'd handle it from there...think i might've spooked a few different birds too badly a couple days and maybe they've put 2 and 2 together (but I'm probably giving turkeys too much credit, again).

    FWIW I had some SOB owl sell me out this season. Landed over my head and wouldn't shut up. the turkey got tired of gobbling at him and flew off a long ways in the other direction. Easy to blame an owl LOL. They will gobble at an owl all day, but def. respond best from 1st light till about 30min after sunrise
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