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Catching Shiners

I sent this PM to Vindawg. I figured though that it would be worth it to post here because I am sure some others might wonder about how to do this as well.
I am not the authority on this so feel free to add anything, I have just been at it religiously for sometime now and these are my thoughts. There is not enough good info about this on the net IMO. Post spawn is one of the best times to fish with shiners and it iis that time.

Whats up buddy? I saw your question on my thread about how do I catch my shiners. The answer to this question needs some detail to really help you.

First thing I do is find ponds with shiners in them. I look for ponds with low turbidity. The water can have color to it but you don't want to see lots of floating particles giving no visibility. Next thing I look for is good submerged vegetation like coontail, sago weed, naid, hydrilla, *eelgrass etc. Also look for pads like spatter dock or lillys.*

*The best thing to do is go out on a clear day with your polarized glasses and just look around. You will be able to recognize the shiners, look for their sharp forked tails.*

*Once you know they are there or you have a good feeling you have two options for catching them, cast net or teeny hooks with bread. I use a cast net. What you want to do is go to an area where you see them and toss out some bread balls or oats soaked in water so they sink. If you get bluegills coming up to eat there is a good chance shiners will follow.*

*The shiners are usually going to be in areas where there is deeper water near the shore. Look around any storm water control structures like dams, wiers, or culverts too. Toss out the chum and just wait and look closely. They are much harder to see than bluegills but like I said you will see their forked tails or shiny flashes. Wait till they get going and toss that net. If the bottom is snaggy *that is when you have to use a hook and line with bread balls on a small bobber.*

* Now sometimes the fish in a lake will not respond to chum. That is tough...Your only option there is to spot them or just find a spot where you know they congregate and toss that net on them. Since they won't eat bread they won't respond to a bread ball on a hook either. I have a few lakes like this. I find them around the storm water drains and culverts usually or find schools roaming the shoreline.*

*I hope this helps. All you need to keep them alive is a bucket. You can load up a 5gal and they will live for a while just fine, of course an aerator would help but I don't use one. Alot of the time I will catch my shiners and take them to a different pond or lake to fish, it just depends.*

*Good luck my friends, I hope this helps. I am warning you though, once you start you will never go back to rubber, lol. Just get out there and look around, I have about a dozen or so ponds around the bay area I can catch shiners in pretty easily an reliably. Screw paying 15-20$ a dozen for dinky little 4"ers . I can usually get atleat a couple dozen 6-12"ers for free.*
Catch 'em and Release 'em!


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