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Got a gaff?

I am not a huge fan of gaffs. If you miss, you **** the fish off and risk losing it. Whats the best way to gaff a fish? I recently saw on youtube that showed the guy with a spear gaff. What would be legal as far as something like that. Are they illegal? I thought about using something like a frog gig for a gaff. Would it work or would it be a waste of time? Here is a link for the video. Give some feed back on this.



  • HookedHooked Posts: 391 Officer
    Hey Bro if you like that guys gaff here is a video on explaining how you can make it.


    I like the metal arrow idea with adding a dry wall lock on the tip. Its light weight and ounce your in the fish it wont come out.

    Or you can just practice with your lip gripper LOL
  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    Take your time getting the fish tired out and into the right positions. The only time I've ever had issues was early on when I was still learning and I tried to rush it. DO NOT rush and you'll be fine.

  • JagerschnappsJagerschnapps Posts: 102 Officer
    Personally, I dont like that hand made spear. It does not look like it would work on large fish without some type of barb on it. I have never had a problem gaffing a fish and loosing it. In that video he holds the spade fish out of the water then spears it, at that point just bring it in the boat. I think you just need the correct length gaff with the proper size hook. If your going to gaff a fish you reach under the fish and pull up. So many times I have seen people stabbing, jabbing, and beating down a fish with a gaff but not hooking it. It is more difficult to gaff from a kayak then it is a boat and I could see how (in some instances) a spear could be adventageous...but not that one.
    Hobie Revolution, PA12
  • oarknotoarknot Posts: 246 Deckhand
    I agree with Jager and Squatch. Just be patient, practice on some bonnies (since you keep 'em for shark bait), and don't lunge. If you get a gaf with an attatched hook cover, you can cap the hook and use it like a stringer. Dolphin will school up around their buddy and you can catch more that way.
  • DrKDrK Posts: 249 Deckhand
    The purpose of the spear is not to gaff the fish but rather hit the brain with it so you immobilize/kill the fish quicker and sooner. In Hawaii they use an unbarbed speargun shaft on a handle and "icepick" the brain when going after tuna or wahoo. That way you don't have to completely tire the fish out (and increase the chance of loosing it) before you land it .

    IMO a gaff or barbed shaft would be dangerous as the fish can pull you over or tip the kayak when it lunges forward once it feels the point.
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    I have a old rod that a buddy sharpened, the whole thing is about 3 ft.. I have used plenty of times to calm fish down. Back in the day my old man had a barbed trident... Going to ask him for it.... So when sharks bump me I can bump back.
  • HookedHooked Posts: 391 Officer
    The problem Blazing has, as you can see from his avatar picture. He has very short stumps for arms and he is well rounded which causes problem with balance.

    I have lost a few nice fish due to his lack of accuracy with a lip griper from very nice cobia to even a guted bonita. We are trying to find other ways to make up for his handicap.
  • blazing_reelsblazing_reels Posts: 595 Officer
    Thanks bro I might go to wally world and get me a piece of all thread and make me one out of the old paddle handle.
  • Shark bittenShark bitten Posts: 211 Deckhand
    Just make sure to gaff top down. Going under will **** off the fish if you miss the gaff is in the way of it thrashing.
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