19th Annual Spring King of the Beach - over $70,000 in cash prizes

19th Annual Spring King of the Beach
April 26, 27, 28th, 2012 • Madeira Beach, FL

Largest Captain’s Party on the West Coast of Florida.
Over 50 food and marine related vendors onsite.
• Go over rules & regulations • Registration and pick up captain’s buckets
HUGE Raffle • $3 Drafts • Free Parking • Mullet Toss

Entry Fees:
Old Salt Members – Pre Register by April 22: $175; At Event: $185
Non-Members – Pre Register by April 22: $195; At Event: $205
TWT (optional entry) – $110

Spanish Mackerel Divison:
$55 if entered in the King of the Beach; $110 if fishing only Spanish Mackerel

Overall Division - this is where you compete to be “KING”
Single Engine Division
Ladies Division
Youth Division - must be under 15 to qualify for this division
Spanish Mackerel Division

1st place overall division – $10,000 cash guaranteed
25th place (or last place) – $1,000 cash
1st place Single Engine division – $5,000

*All prizes are based on boat entries. There is one place paid for
every 10 boats up to 25 places.

For more information:www.oldsaltfishing.org


  • Pre-Registration is open ... Don't miss out on the benefits of doing things early!
    1. Save $10 from onsite Registration
    2. Entered to win a set of 4 custom rods from Dogfish Tackle Co.
    3. Guaranteed Captains Bucket filled with the best stuff
    You can enter online HERE at www.OldSaltFishing.org/Spring-King-of-the-Beach
  • We are PROUD to announce a NEW prize for the King of the Beach this spring. It is an AGGREGATE prize. Here is how it works:

    Top Aggregate Wins $1,000

    Catch and weigh in one (1) King Mackerel and one (1) Spanish Mackerel. The Spanish Mackerel counts as double (so whatever the weight is multiply it by 2). Heaviest duo wins! There is NO extra entry fee to win the prize ... just a bonus prize for those fishing the event already! There is only one catch ... you must have one King and one Spanish to weigh - we will not accept just one King.

    Pass it along .... Get registered here at www.OldSaltFishing.org
  • King of the Beach is known for their prizes ..... Here is a basic overview.
    *This is based on 250 or more boats (We typically always get more)
    Last spring we had more than 40 paid places!!

    Overall Division
    1st Place - $10,000 (Guaranteed - no matter what the boat count)
    2nd Place - $4,000
    3rd Place - $2,000
    .... 4th-24th more cash ....
    25th Place - $1,000 (*this is a unique spot - 24th usually is only $150)

    Single Engine Division
    1st Place - $5,000
    2nd Place - $1,500
    3rd Place - $500

    Spanish Mackerel Division
    1st Place - $1,500
    2nd Place - $1,000
    3rd Place - $500
    ....up to 10 places paid

    Aggregate Prize - $1000

    Ladies Division
    1st Place - $500
    2nd Place - $300
    3rd Place - $200

    So, for a $175 entry fee - winning up to or more than $10,000 ... well, the ODDS are with you.
  • Don't Miss PRE-REGISTRATION .... Only open until Monday 23rd! Save $10 - Get registered to win a set of four custom rods from Dogfish Tackle!

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